How Qiang Poeple Consume Starch (3/3)

“洋芋糍粑” is another common food that you can find in Sichuan. It’s made with potatoes. Potato is a crop that can be grown in “minimal space to grow when compared to many other crops.”  That’s why potato is on of the popular starch food to Qiang people since a big portion of them live in a very high altitude. After all, Mark Watney from the film The Martian did survived by eating potatoes for more than 200 days. (By the way, if you are going to space someday, besides potatoes, bring some beans with you too because that would be a good source of protein)


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The way to make 洋芋糍粑 is very similar to the way to make 攪團 – first, mix skinned potatoes with honey, sugar, and salt (you can also add some chili pepper oil, garlic, and Sichuan pepper if you want), and then you just smash those potatoes as hard as you can with a proper tool in a proper container (mostly you will need a 石臼), until the poor potatoes get soft and sticky. After smashing those potatoes, you can put them into any soup you want, or, you can fry them a little with vegetable oil.

Qiang people usually put 洋芋糍粑 (non-fried) into Chinese sauerkraut soup (how to make this soup).


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Or you can just dip those 洋芋糍粑 (fried) with honey (yes, more honey), sugar, or sesame oil.


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