One Of Typical Types Of Qiang’s Food – “臘肉” (Chinese Smoked Pork/Bacon)

“臘肉” (Chinese smoked pork or Chinese bacon), is a very common food of Qiang. Most Qiang people live in the places that is far above the sea level, it is not easy for them to commute to urban places and buy what they want. As a result, they need some kinds of food that can be reserved for a while and won’t get rotten or something, and the Chinese smoked pork is one of the food. This smoked pork is very popular among Qiang people, especially for special occasions like weddings or festival ceremonies.


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The condiment are usually salt, sugar, and some kinds of spices (not always the same) for making the smoked pork. To make the smoked pork, Qiang people will marinate the pork (mostly pork belly) with the  condiment they want for 1-2 days, and then smoke the pork with small fire (with  wood brands of 香葉樹 (Lindera communis) and 生柏(Cupressaceae)). Usually the whole procedure will take more than ten days. After the smoked pork is made, it can be reserved for months if properly stored. The smoked pork is used in many different Qiang cuisine, or, you can surly eat the pork directly. For Qiang people, it is nice to eat some smoked pork they made with several drinks.



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